What is in that Product? Part 3

Oh yes, the conversation continues, let’s find out what other hidden ingredients are in the body products that we “know” and love! Today I’m exploring one of my [used to be] favorite lines – Burt’s Bees! (I should maybe interject here that I don’t actually look up products until it’s time […]

What is in That Product? Part 2

Well … I won’t claim to be the most organized or punctual person. It apparently has been another crazy-busy month since I have posted. *covers face with hands*dozes off* I really have been working on weeding out things in my schedule – but I just have to face the facts – […]

What is in that Product?

Over a year ago I jumped feet first into a new adventure- learning how to care for the body naturally. I really had very little understanding of what it was that I was signing up for – fortunately it has turned out extremely well =) I’m not sure that my […]

Wet Dreary Wednesday

Every now and then it gets gray and gloomy here in Oklahoma. Today is that day! It’s pouring rain, the wind is blowing and the sky is flat with clouds. Sometimes these days get me down and out – but I think that because they are so far and few […]

I need a…

My sister-in-law and I had our baby girls 6 weeks apart. We’ve always dabbled in exercise/fitness/over-all health. Pregnancy takes you to a whole new level! Her and I got “crazy” as our due dates approached and we started walking. Walking is good all around – it gets that baby in […]