Essential Oils

Yes, it seems as though essential oils are becoming quite popular these days. Funny thing is, they have been around for centuries! But I certainly won’t argue that they are definitely becoming more mainstream, and for good reason, they offer lots of tools for today’s family. With a new company seeming to pop up every week and various avenues of information that often appear to contradict, it can feel very intimidating to jump on board the band wagon.

While the choices I make for my family may not always line up with the mission you have for your’s, I hope to encourage you to do your due diligence and invest in investigating. At the end of the day no one else can be held responsible for what you choose, be ready to own it! I remember the days I freely gave over my power of choice to those I believed I could trust. I think sometimes we just do not know any better, or really we’re too sleep deprived to ask questions, let alone make time to look into the options! Becoming a mom and having hard conversations with my community mixed with God’s incredible Grace and slowly taught me how to take back my power, my voice, and my choice. It has been a hard road but so incredibly rewarding.

This journey led me to doTERRA International, or maybe it was doTERRA that started the journey, either way, I am forever grateful. There are many reasons that I trust dT for use with my family, here are just a few:

  • Each batch of doTERRA essential oil undergoes seven different testing procedures by a third-party laboratory, and surpasses USDA organic standards. You can literally smell the difference the first time you take off the lid. It is so incredibly important to me that an outside source verifies the claims the company makes.
  • doTERRA is committed to sourcing the best oils in the world, direct from the grower. Currently 84% of the oils are exclusive chemically to dT and those oils come from over 40 different countries. Just because a plant may grow well in a certain region does not mean it will have the chemistry needed to provide a therapeutic or medicinal impact. doTERRA is also committed to ethical sourcing practices through their Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative. I get teary thinking about the impact we are having around the world because it is not just about a bottle of oil, it is about generating jobs, it is about fair and on-time payments, it is about building supplier capacity, it is about sustaining long-term partnerships, it is about improving the quality of life for the people caring for, harvesting and distilling the product.
  • doTERRA is a humanitarian-minded company with many projects in the works at all times. I have had the privilege of participating in a number of mission trips during my days here on earth, I am blessed to be a blessing. Now, every day I partner with hands and feet all over the face of this globe. This was not on my radar when I first got involved with doTERRA but it quickly became part of my mission. When we purchase a bottle of essential oil or donate a dollar to Healing Hands on our reward order, we don’t just make dreams come true. Communities in Somalia get school buildings for both their boys and girls, running water in Haiti, earthquake relief in Nepal, and we take aim and start breaking down sex trafficking. This is what dT is about, making a difference.
  • Science! I used to be paid to teach middle and high school science. I know the subject isn’t for everyone, BUT the proof is in the pudding! dT is the most tested essential oil company and the most trusted. If you go to PubMed and do a search on essential oils you’ll find hundreds of published studies on general oils, AromaticScience makes this task a little less daunting. Due to the strict demands and rigorous design of research, institutions are demanding more from the oils they are studying and they are turning to dT because the have proven to provide consistency. Be on the watch for peer reviewed research articles being published in medical journals in our near future by research hospitals, cancer institutes, those studying the human genome!!!
  • Most tested. Most trusted. Have a bottle of oil? Want to know where it came from? What tests were run on that exact bottle of oil? Would you like to see it’s GCMS (not a general GCMS, the one of your exact bottle of oil?!) Learn this and more on all the things I mentioned so far by visiting Source to You.
  • Culture! Ever wonder what it would feel like to be part of a family with 4 million members? Okay, yeah, that totally just freaked me out. But honestly! This company seems to attract some of the most gifted, servant-leaders around. I think it must start from the top because the executive team are some of the most amazing leaders around. When you become part of doTERRA you are adopted into this incredible family and it rarely feels like “I’m on this team, you’re on that team!” We’re all in this together, working to make the world a better place.
  • They work! Four years ago I ordered a kit of oils and decided to give them a try. It took us a while, but we committed to trying them first before we reached for a bottle of synthetics. We don’t always get the results we are looking for with the first application but we have always found a solution. And along the way we have found other natural tools to support our wellness lifestyle and made friends who will last a lifetime. The days before doTERRA feel like a lifetime ago and I can honestly say our lives have never been the same.

Do  any of these reasons speak to you? Do you want to join my oil family and find out more?! Take the incredible leap and partner with me, my community, and this company. With so much information at our fingertips it can be hard to decide who, what, when, where, why, and how – have no fear – we will provide you with access to the tools and support you need on this journey of a lifetime.

The doTERRA Wholesale Customer account works just like Costco (or Sam’s Club depending on your location.) You open up your account and purchase your natural wellness products at your discount whenever you feel like shopping! Most people begin with a starter kit but you could also open your account for $35 and add whatever products you would like to your order at the wholesale pricing. You should know that there is no obligation to sell or order monthly, no strings attached! But if you are part of the 10% that want to build a doTERRA business that option is there for you and we can chat more about that during our welcome call if that interests you.

{All of the starter kits dōTERRA offers have the wholesale membership included}.

When you enroll with me you will have access to many wonderful mentors and wellness tools.

  • A 30 minutes, 1:1 welcome call and membership overview
  • Monthly Newsletter for our team with updates
  • Access to our Essential RevOILution community on Facebook
  • Welcome Packet (Living Magazine, Usage Guide, Samples)
  • Exclusive Training and Support (expect regular trainings, calls, mentoring and multiple-levels of support from our team so that you can use your oils with confidence)
  • Email me to check on any current Promotions amanda at delitefularomas dot com

Step 1: Click Here

Step 2: Click the ‘join & save’ at the top of the screen and scroll to the bottom of the page where the green button says “Join doTERRA.”

Step 3: Choose the Wholesale Customer option [unless you’re wanting to do the business – then you would choose the Wellness Advocate option. Both are the same price – but if you want to do the business, I will mentor you!] The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you. But if not – enter 304307 in the box and Amanda Hopkins will appear.

Step 4: Fill in your personal info

Step 5: Choose whichever starter kit you’re drawn to and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart. *Note: If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits – you can create your own by selecting the Introductory Packet ($35) and then adding a few items to your cart to begin with by typing them into the field that says “Enter additional item # or product name” You can view the entire doTERRA Product Catalog here

Step 6: Finalize your shipping and payment options. Click “Process Order Now & Continue”