When people ask what I do or who I am, I tell them I’m a stay at home mom. I find that to be such a loaded statement! Can I get an “amen” ?! =)

The foundation of my identity is found in my Father and Savior Jesus Christ, without Him, I am nothing. I have nothing. I can do nothing.

My husband is in the Military.

We have a daughter and a son.

Apparently we raise fat, happy lazy, cats.

I’m a Crafter. Seamstress. Baker. Slowcooker-er. Entrepreneur. Chef. Maid. Blogger. Reader. Exerciser. Grocery Shopper. Home owner. Homeschooler. Lover of Jesus. Learner. Master Degree Holder. Mistake maker. Pinner. Liker. iPhone dependent. Routine-oriented. Lover of Travel. Essential Oil obsessed. Candle burner. Trash take-er-outer. Schedule maker. To-do list writer. Visualizer. Detail-oriented. Customer Service Provider. Educator. Crunchy-avoid GMO- pick ORGANIC-make it myself woman.

While the choices I make for my family may not always line up with the mission you have for your’s, I hope to encourage you to do your due diligence and invest in investigating. At the end of the day no one else can be held responsible for what you choose, be ready to own it! I remember the days I freely gave over my power of choice to those I believed I could trust. I think sometimes we just do not know any better, or really we’re too sleep deprived to ask questions, let alone make time to look into the options! Becoming a mom and having hard conversations with my community mixed with God’s incredible Grace and slowly taught me how to take back my power, my voice, and my choice. It has been a hard road but so incredibly rewarding.

I invite you along on my journey. The one where I’m discovering what it means to offer my life as a living sacrifice, what it means to be a pleasing aroma. Not just when I’m having a really good day… those moments are easiest. No, I’m talking about those really messy moments… yeah, those ones. Because in the midst of my messiest messes, there is hope, there is grace and mercy, and they are abundantly new every morning.

Maybe I don’t really have anything to say, in-fact I’ve decided that I’m a professional-sharer;
1) You may not ask, but I’m sure going to tell you… My husband may not currently agree, but I’m trying to learn how to share more, um, tactfully!
2) I don’t always trust my own voice. Someone else has probably already said what I have to say and they probably said it far better than I ever could… I love sharing what other people say!

In the scheme of Eternity  my words don’t really matter all that much because it’s not about what I say, it’s about what I do…
Thanks for spending some time with me. I hope somewhere in my ramblings you’ll find a nugget of truth for yourself, wherever you are on your own journey. Let me know you stopped by, and come back again soon.

In Him,