and the greatest among you …

… shall be your servant. Matthew 23:11

I believe that each one of us was created with unique passions and desires. What makes you come alive, is different than what makes me come alive. And this is a beautiful thing. This gets so much more done in the world.

Jesus always seemed to be teaching what was counter culture didn’t He? He tells us that to make a difference, we actually need to serve. What type of service makes you come alive? What were you wired to accomplish with your one wild and precious life?

This week I have a story of hope and healing brought by one of our Wellness Advocates, Patti Stevens, who volunteers her time at the WestCare Foundation Facility in Las Vegas. This facility helps women struggling with addiction or abuse to find the strength to overcome their struggles and discover their self-worth again. Patti uses her Qigong certification, a type of standing meditation, along with her knowledge of yoga she teaches classes that “help women improve their health, find focus, and re-center their lives.”

You can read more about her story here;