Inspired Change

dōTERRA can change a person’s life. Not only in mental, spiritual, and financial ways, as David Sterling once said, but by using dōTERRA products, our members became aware of the toxicity in their home environments, which inspired them to make dramatic changes in how they chose to live. For example, after joining dōTERRA, I became more away about the foods we were eating, the cleaning products I was using around my kids, and the body care products we applied to our skin. We began educating ourselves and making small, sustainable changes. We are so grateful to have the knowledge and ability to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthier.


Everyone has a different story of how they got started in dōTERRA. One of my favorite parts about dōTERRA is how authentic our community is. So many of our leaders did not start building in dōTERRA to become rich. They simply shared their story and their genuine desire to help others find their own success. In doing that, their team grew organically into the business they have today. This is Brad and Dawna Toewse’s story of how dōTERRA changed their lives and how they strive to help dōTERRA change the lives of those around them. Enjoy!