… yes, I’m THAT mom … forcing my 2.75 year old daughter to learn her letters and numbers.  It’s too bad that in the mornings she usually asks for yogurt and then if we’re going to school =D

I can’t brag enough about this littler girl – she’s truly a gift from God and if you know her, it’s totally fitting that in Greek, her names means “life.”  This child is smart and helpful and sassy and strong-willed and if you haven’t caught on, this post is all about her =D

I sub at a pre-school a few days a week and Zoee gets to go “to school” with me. She really enjoys her friends but especially the snacks! I believe that one of my most important jobs as a mother and stay at home mommy is to train her up in the way she should go (Proverb 22:6). And part of my new “intentionally-focused-organizational-changes” that I started implementing this year incorporated something “school” related for her. We are also memorizing a Bible verse as a family and Zoee and I are sharing a chore chart!

My intentions for this aren’t so my kid is smarter than your kid. Honestly I felt like parenting has been a piece of cake for us but I realized that I needed to play a more structured role – or be more intentional in teaching Zoee to be responsible, to love learning, and what it means to love Jesus. Right now things are working really well. She loves doing her school work after her nap and putting stickers on her chore chart!

The current plan that we are on is 1 letter and 1 number a week – but we’re only covering 3 of each a month. We’re not on a fast track plan and if you remember back to last week’s post, while I have the whole year “mapped” I’m being intentional to create space for the days where the schedule just can’t be followed, or we travel, or heaven forbid we are sick and just need a day on the couch. And I also believe in repetition – so for those months where we don’t have missed days and end up with a whole week we can practice practice and practice repeating =)

Here is the link to my Pre-Preschool Board on Pinterest. I definitely did NOT use all of the resources I pinned – and goodness – I spent hours online! There are so many resources out there that it’s overwhelming! I almost got carried away (hahaha, who me?! neeeeever!) I am just going over the capital letters and 1-10.

On Mondays and Tuesdays we’ve been having fun using our bingo dobbers…

Here is the link for the LETTERS and here is the link for the NUMBERS. We usually practice drawing the letters and numbers in the air with our fingers while saying the chants (I don’t remember doing these… but they are super popular now-a-days…) on these days and we talk about what things start with those letters.

It was my plan to put the letters and numbers up around our dining room (I know, real classy…) but our walls are super textured and tape doesn’t stick well to them. I thought about using that tacky putty but have yet to remember to purchase some when we’re at the store…

Wednesdays and Thursdays we work on fine motor skills… also known as tracing… This is not quite as fun for Zoee as the dobber! I got the letter outlines from this website and the number outlines from this website. I printed these on regular paper and slid them into page protectors so that we could use a wet-erase marker to trace them. I had the forethought with the letters to put multiples on one page so that I didn’t have to erase Zoee’s tracing after each try – I might have to go back and re-design the numbers for next month. I had to create these pages myself, so if you want copies of them I can share them with you on my Google Account.
blog-3-34I have the whole alphabet and 0-10 in sign language printed out – that was supposed to be our Friday activity… but in all honesty, we’re usually at pre-school on Friday or traveling so I have a feeling that the coloring pages will fill up the last week of the month for us.


I made our chore chart in Excel and also put it into a page protector. We put stickers on the day’s square once we do the activity and if we have a really consistent week we put a start on the monthly calendar and treat ourselves to lunch out. I love reward systems but have yet to really sit down and thing ours through… But I think for now Zoee enjoys picking the color of star she gets to put on the chart as enough of an award!

Thanks for joining us again this week!

I’m really excited to go open my first Stitch Fix shipment! Stay tuned because I have a feeling next week’s post will be about CLOTHES! Maybe a nice change from my organizational-topics for some of you =D

Have a lovely week!


From my office to yours,