Cleanse and Restore

Anyone enjoying our detox series? Wednesday we heard from Kira and discussed who it is that needs a detox. On Thursday we went over the different nutrition programs we can use for detoxing. And on Friday Alicia told her scary story of detoxing gone wrong. Today we are going to […]

My Detox Story

Hello again everyone! As promised, I have Alicia Haugstad share her story with us today. Alicia and I have been friends since elementary school. My earliest memories of her are from my 6th grade year (twenty years ago now! Wow!) but I know we played in the nursery together even before […]

How do I detox?

  Piggy-backing off of Kira’s wonderful post yesterday, let’s talk about the different ways to actually do a detox so that we can cleanse and restore our bodies to their vibrant and healthy states. We know why we would want to or need to cleanse, but, how exactly do we […]

Do you need a detox?

  I teach holistic wellness classes in my home, typically on Tuesday nights, and our topic this week was “Cleanse and Restore.” I think more and more people are catching on to this popular topic which is a very exciting thing! I asked my friend Kira of A Nourished Life to […]

Sourdough Starter – 1906: Hope, Alaska

“The poem is like the starter, but not like the starter. The poem has salt and heat. The poem is not the starter but the bread it will become. But the poem is not the bread. The poem is the smell of the bread baking in the oven, a scent captured. The […]